Friday, January 29, 2010


That's right!
Cookie Time means one thing and only one thing. 
'Cookie Time' is an anthem for snack lovers everywhere. 
Thanks to my friend Yance/Lance/Pance for making it 
clear that it is not only me who completely loves 

To the unfamiliar : the movie is Troop Beverly Hills
I have been hoping for some occasion to arise where
I can costume myself as Phyllis Nefler, but no such 
occasion has arisen. 
So, I have put together a vintage 'Nefler' look
and may have to resort to wearing it to 
the party I will undoubtedly throw once my 
GS cookies arrive..

Channel you inner Nefler!
1.) The Pheasant feather hat via throbackvintage
2.) The most amazing vintage 70's Valentino Cape via fabgabs.
So perfectly Nefler. 
3.) Wilderness girls uni reborn via bluberrydeluxe.
4.) Golden snake belt via platpivintage.
5.) Power pumps of gold via revolvingstyles.
6.) Mix it up with a scarf set via entwife

And we can always go the hybrid Nefler route by incorporating 
some of this...
[necklace via forestfawn and headdress via native arts training.]

Nailed it!
I love cookie time. 


  1. !!!!!! troop beverly hills is AWESOME!!!!! girl scout cookie time already?! need to find someone to sell them to me. that's right- a GS cookie dealer....

  2. This is why I love you....AMAZING!

  3. I'm way behind on my commenting because Lucy has me always reading this on my iPhone... Um - LOVE troop bev hills! And your own etsy shop!?!? Amazing!

  4. Don't thank me for the vid.. thank Lance. Although, you can thank me in advance for wearing the Nefler. I am bound and determined. I can ship some cookies to you Yessi...? Melanie is an authorized dealer. Meg and Ame, if you want cookies, we got em.

  5. How is that lady that's always yelling NEFFLER!? how come we haven't seen her in anything lately?

  6. one of my most favorite movies EVER! haha, love it!


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