Monday, February 1, 2010


After such an outreach of love and support for the last 
Holly Hobbie item(I kid), I decided that 
I must make more Holly Hobbies. 
Well, at least people appreciate themselves
some Troop Beverly Hills. Clearly, 
you have your priorities in order. 
In honor of Niece Noa's bday, I felt that I would 
make her a sweet little swiss dot skirt with 
some hand dyed crochet and of course, a little
Holly Hobbie love. 
I know my sister will appreciate this. 
She did have a giant yellow Holly Hobbie
canopy bed, after all, and always had 
her hair parted in the middle with long 
flowing ribbon clips.
And, in unrelated news,  I am finding this
'make one thing each day' new years resolution
to be totally do-able. 
Remember these sweeties?
Ok, I know, we are all sick of them. ha
But, the good news is that they finally are
not a loose table scrap in danger of being 
thrown out at any minute.
They are the centerpiece of an amazing pillow.
And the melamine blue is a homage
our wonderful cake.. mmm.


  1. The stuff is looking pretty awesome sweetie. Juggling a crazy two year old and pumping out these special gifts! unbelievable..

  2. Oh my gosh you are seriously an inspiration. Amazing.

  3. The amazing thing is that it took you only one evening to put that whole pillow together and it looks awesome! mom


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