Friday, May 29, 2009


Sneak peek.. the elements are all 
complete. Now it is time to get to work on the
overly ambitious invites. If my plan works, 
I will have waited so long to complete them, that 
no one will actually be able to make it. I kid. 
Who is that attractive couple? We did get a bit
toony, but we passed the Ava identification test 
and that is good enough for me, frankly. 
Tonight we 'taste' with Juan Carlos at Barolo, 
which is slowly becoming my favorite 
restaurant. I highly recommend it to 
any OC locals. 
(the only link of any value I can find on 
Barolo, is some guy rambling on and on
about its Burrata cheese - which is 
fantastic, if I may say so. )


  1. Annoyed because I just wrote a comment and it disappeared into thin air. I love love love love burrata cheese. Maybe we can go to this restaurant next time I am down? Um- and your needlepoint is tres impressive. What is it going to be for? A quilt? A pillowcase? Decoration? Pray tell love.

  2. its for our party invites. working on them this week. argh.
    who knew burrata was SO delicious. once i am done withe the invite this will def become a new cushion for one of our chairs.

  3. don't tell me you're doing this for every invite.. if so, i'm buying you a pack of industrial strength thimbles.

  4. oh, girl.. you dont give me enough credit! they are already done-zo.
    no worries... expect yours soon!!


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