Friday, May 29, 2009

the stars are lining up


 I feel like the results of
 baking are always 'good' - really, 
you are using butter and sugar and other
 basic goodness? But, sometimes, things just 
fall into place. Perhaps I wanted to impress 
baby Smeaton? A real possibility. 
Anyway, I will share the recipe with you. 
I left out the raisins. And, took it out of the oven 
a bit gooey. Oddly enough, A Williams 
Sonoma recipe, from their Bread Book
I admit, it is the only recipe from the book that 
I have been compelled to try. 
But, I will get back to you on that. 
At 13 bucks, kind of a steal?
I think this picture really captures it. 
And with the coffee being
made in the background? I  mean..


  1. Beautiful picture. And the bread looks insanely good. But. If I were to be completely honest- when I first saw the picture- I thought it was chocolate oozing out and it got me very excited. I love chocolate.

  2. i cant lie to you.. the bread is damn good, despite being chocolate free.


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