Monday, May 4, 2009


So I was fishing around for some cute vintage this 
morning..1918 Vintage is a cute little vintage site and blog..

and I came across this picture. If you are my husband, you know
where this is going. 
Time to introduce you to my number one foreign obsession:
GLOBUS. I am so completely infatuated with this 
department store, that I make it my daily walking destination 
whenever I am in Geneva. Art Exhibit? Historical Landmark? I 
can see them on the way to GLOBUS. Why don't we just eat 
lunch/dinner at GLOBUS? Let's just get drinks at GLOBUS. 
I need a dress to wear/groceries for dinner/presents to bring home?
I can buy them at GLOBUS. 
But, seriously, GLOBUS is a veritable 
smorgasbord(orgasbord, orgasbord)
 of all things fantastic - with a department store on top, 
a wine counter and eatery below, and a specialty foods
grocery in the basement. To share with you some
beautiful recipes that embody the essence of the GLOBUS..
(I realize these are in french. But you are resourceful, 
you can figure it out?)

Look at this amazing twist on a classic..Caprese salad. 

and this melty Chocolate Souflee with strawberries. 
Till next time, I will work on those translations. If after you make 
these scrumptious recipes, you are so compelled to carry a GLOBUS 
handbag, I will completely understand. You can purchase one
at the cute 1918 Vintage. Why don't I have a GLOBUS handbag?

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  1. Let's go to Geneva and visit Globus together!


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