Friday, February 26, 2010

Another box

More swoon-worthy goodness. 
In my lion on the mind state, 
I ran to the garage to open the box marked '4 years old', 
desperately trying to find my nude colored swimsuit with 
a giant lion face printed on it. 
Apparently, this suit made it past the four year mark, 
which is common for a swimsuit, I guess. 
I did find some new amazing items, though...
the detail!
these jammies were the original. 
channeling R Brite?
Never enough unicorns!
These boxes never get old. 


  1. all great! loving the snow bunny. Mom brand reminds me of nana B.. busting out the old stuff, so much fun making Jbird wear it while I could... somehow (hmmm) my really cool stuff .. like madonna-inspie that my mom HATED, but I loved... disappeared over the years??

  2. That is funny! Not Janet, she save EVERYTHING. Missing you!


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