Friday, February 12, 2010

Another fun box

Another fun childhood box has been rescued from the garage. 
I feel another project coming on..
How cute is this guy, patched from vintage fabric?
I think we all need these for our little ones. 
It kind of reminded me of these sweet pillows
from enhabiten
Not that I want you to die of jealousy...
but, I was the hot 2 year old bitty scamping around 
the play yard in this!
A two year old bearing midriff is seriously suspect. 
But, I have to say this is one amazing number. 


  1. um. for valetine's day, all i really want is a pic of baby jaimee in that showstopping 2 piece ensemble!!!!?!!!! LOVING.

  2. no kidding! That little number is definitely going to have to make an appearance on Ava at some point. Hmmmmm....actually, I think you might be able to knock off the pattern and bump it up a few sizes and have a flashy new skating outfit!

  3. Don't give me any ideas! And Yessi, I have sixth sense feeling that this number belonged to my sister and her long flowing black locks.
    Either way, I am cramming Ava into it for the magical 3rd bday party...

  4. LOL! SO suspect!! And Ava will be SO cute in it!


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