Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ella ella eh eh eh

For miss Tuesday, I construct a 3D Narwal 
with giant umbrella to keep out this crazy rain. 
Considering we are on Tornado watch 2010... 
Crafting is keeping me going. If you have no 
idea what a Narwal is you obviously are not completely
bombarded by kids and their animal alphabets, or 
you have not seen Elf.  nice clip. 
A narwal is a Horned whale of the Arctic, 
who can be pretty darn cute and artsy. 

This Narwhal needs spots and perhaps something else. 
Reading glasses? hmm. 
He is on his way with his goldenrod floral 
print horn. 

And his tie dye umbrella. 

Perhaps a mustache?! How sneaky and sinister!

This Narwal is smart and sarcastic. From dwelldeep


  1. My gosh. Tuesday is the luckiest girl ever!! I don't know how we rate. This looks amazing. I adore the umbrella tusk!! And I'm so excited to see the rest of those rainbows coming down!! So so adorable Jaimee. I love love love!

  2. i love this as well. so excited to see you thursday if its not too rainy!! if it is and you can't come up i promise ill come down soon


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