Wednesday, June 2, 2010


 I am so in love with these Osborn shoes that I do not know what to 
do with myself. Coming off of my oxford high, still in love
with my Guatemalan batwing jacket, and day dreaming
about ankle booties for fall - I am so hooked on these shoes. 
Made in Guatemala and so distinct and amazing. 
Which ones do I choose!?

All images from Osborn shoes. 


  1. Pretty cool. I want some too.

  2. oooooh! now I'M obsessed! thanks a lot...


  3. I would choose none because in a few months your obsession will be over and you will be stuck with some funky multi-colored booties only useful for Halloween costumes. Yes, of course I am coming to Ava's party. What should I get for her?

  4. um, these will never go out of style. NEVER!
    go to B Schwartz and go crazy!

  5. Ooh. I love these! I like the grey ankle booties with the toe and heel detail, and also the last oxford set best. May need these :) Glad you can keep me in the loop on what I need. Poor Tom!


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