Thursday, June 10, 2010

nautical knots

With all the bday and father's day hoopla, I had *almost* forgotten
about my favoritest upcoming holiday to dress up for. 
Ahem!! So, I have started the hunt for my best boatsman 
americana outfit to be super patriotic in. 
Too - I have already decided that I will be forcing nautical 
flags down people's throats next spring. 
Why am I a clothing designer if not to force people to 
get on board with my silly obsessions??!
Super cute prints, though.. right??
loving this dress..

And... all accessories nautical!!
1. shoes via floweronthewall
2. pinwheel earrings via krzy4btns. krazy. 
3. chain necklaces! via uncommonvintage.
4. nautical knots via vintageurbanrenewal.
5. cutest hairpin via pin pals.
Um, vintage Escada culottes MAY be in order. 
Let's all get festive!! Happy shopping! 


  1. I would like to state, for the record, that I got Lucy a ridiculously cute 4th ensemble. Lord knows what I am wearing- but no one looks at me anymore anyway! xoxoxo

  2. fun! i freaking love those culottes. GET THEM! (before i do.)
    oh and ps...i kinda need your address.

  3. yes!
    i am out of town in sf for the weekend... but, i will give it to you on monday first thing!!
    ame - that is awesome news. Lucy will look incredible. plans?
    should we make them?

  4. ps, right about the culottes?


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