Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'll take all of it.

Um, just when I was eying our breakfast nook this morning,
shaking my head over what seems like a BIG job, I saw these on etsy.
We all know I love crochet. Crochet on the seat, on the wall,
cozying my drinks.
These nook beautifiers are all from the EmmaLamb shop.
Considering I do a 'crochet' search on etsy at least once
a month, I find EmmaLamb very mysterious.
That is part of the attraction. I am really starting to buy into the
crochet corner. I was going to base the kitchen with the vintage
yellow-y palette of the top left pillow in this first stack image, as well.

These cushions give me hope!


  1. This crochet idea is great for the kitchen -- nice!

  2. Love the crochet idea for the wall.. but also kind of love the idea of the cushions.. but cannot do both of it will be crochet mania. PS If Laurent and his exquisite French taste agree, we know it is a must !


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