Friday, July 3, 2009

like candy (americana version)

As you can see, all posts from here on out (aka through the
weekend) will be dedicated to Independence day. I am feeling
a bit of guilt due to my meager postings this week and I
plan to make of for lost time in a super spirited and
tackily nationalistic kind of way. Sorry in advance, but
there are some spectacular items out there donning America's
colors. I find 'America's' colors to be particularly seventies cool
(for the second time this week) and very vintage hip. I am excited
to talk about it. Tomorrow.
A quick blurb : Love the idea of a Doily of Independence.
I must learn how to knit.
1. Shiny flower broach from handmadeluck
2. Petals broach from vintagerepeats
3. Daisy broach from merchantofkismet
4.Doily of independence from skinnyandbernie
5. Carnival broach from nuforms
6. 'Mastermind'( don't ya think?) bag from fleamartfanny's
7. Starburst pin from retrovertigo

They are shiny and fun..right?


  1. These items are awesome and yes the people of Newport will be sporting the colors but I don't think they will come close to this level of style. Not to mention the masses of people infiltrating the beach areas and all access roads, as I write this, will overpower any and all good style conscious independence day participants by a long shot.
    Have a happy sparkler day!

  2. hey- sparklers are illegal. but, i've got em.

  3. Very patriotic and j'adore the bag. Some idiot near our house was setting off amateur fireworks last night and one ended up in our yard. I'm annoyed.


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