Friday, July 3, 2009

I love America contd.

Here in Newport Beach, the fourth of July pretty much is the most
exciting event that happens all year. For me, the fourth has
become synonymous with boating/sailors/all things nautical
since I moved here almost seven, ack, years ago.
People here really do take their boating, their red white and blue
home decorating, and their casual bay front drinking
of wine and other spirits seriously.

I'd say the related fashions for these activities
share the same snappy colors..?

And so, a quick etsy search of all things pertaining to golden anchors,
rope, and deck shoes has convinced me to do a couple Independence
day tribute outfits (vintage, of course , because that is just the phase I
am in). *Keep in mind, too, that all patriotic outfits worn on the fourth
need to be slightly over the top.. perhaps with one too many red
or blue elements. Tackiness is mandatory to stay in good humor
on a national holiday.

Yankee Doodle drumroll please..

1.) Beach boardwalk girl

Beach boardwalk girl is clearly under five foot five inches tall, or
as Meghan tells me, under five foot four inches.. as she wears
a jumper painlessly. She makes beach cruiser riding look good.
(I am jealous of her bike control.)
Chances are, she has really cute effortless hair. Bitty.
1.bloom earrings from willowcreeksparrow 2. misschang romper
3.belt from adVintageous 4. shoes from brownbagvintage

2.)Classy boater girl

Classy boater girl has it way too together to consort with frat
guys on the beach, take jello shots, or go within ten miles of
the Balboa Saloon. Tear. She is on a envy producing sailing
vessel of some sort and casually chatting about the tasting
notes of an amazing Spanish wine(she knows the difference.)sigh.
She probably has brown eyes and brown hair and
an easy tan. I always admired those brown eyed, brown haired
women. Stay classy.
1.sailboat blouse from cocoandluna(a new fave)
2.Bobby Sue coinpurse(why not?) from adVintageous
3.woven loafers from greatestfriend 4.Lou high waister short from brownbagvintage

3.) Fun girl
Ahoy! Fun girl has limited self discipline and is willing
to drink whatever a salty dog offers her. She is not afraid
to awkwardly roller skate on the boardwalk and
wear oversized americana beads for the occasion.
Sound familiar? Yes, I am most closely related to
the fun girl. This fun girl loves looking at belts, but would
never wear one, and opts instead to carry a back up pair of shoes
to keep the party going.
1.necklace from marandydesigns 2.dress from snappyfishvintage
3.skates from Katiepatatey woven wedges from verseauvintage

which girl are you?
have a fun weekend!


  1. this may be your most awesome post yet!!!!
    FUN girl!!!!

  2. um, posts like those take so much time! blogging is a full time job, i tell ya!

  3. I think I'm fun girl as I really want those rollers.

  4. Jaimee thinks I'm Boardwalk girl because I don't embarrass myself enough to be Fun Girl. I contend otherwise. Case in point--I still use a walkman w/ tapes at the gym. Case closed.

  5. Friend I love this blog- so clever ! I am definitely Beach Boardwalkgirl- please the only person that is below 5'4 and does wear rompers.. even when it is not the 4th of July - ha !


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