Tuesday, July 14, 2009

back and tan

get it? I am back. And, though I would not really
classify myself as 'tan', I am definitely not opaque
anymore. phew.
And, while I should be thinking about warm weather,
having been surrounded by florals and skins only
for the last week plus, I am still obsessing over
sweaters and cardigans. Let's remember the
killer Bjorns sweater from before?
Well, these other new sweaters are giving me
much inspiration for Fall design..

The two monochromes are from Henrik Vibskov,
[via Oak NYC],
whose own V-store is very cute,
and the very Bjorns like sweater in the middle
if from the Gap Fall 09 line
[via style.com]
I just love a good sweater. Can't wait to produce
some of my own.
I am expecting some thrilling mail this week,
so don't worry.. the tan will come out. In pictures.


  1. Cute sweaters but I would far prefer pics from the trip... hint hint... I get back from Argentina Monday- but am away for weddings the following two weekends. Let's play this week?

  2. um, hello!?
    one of those weddings is a double date weekend for you and me.
    let's not forget the facts.


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