Friday, December 18, 2009

Obsessed! with the Buche.

Christmas obsession number 2..
the Buche de Noel, aka the 'yule log'.
Anything rustic and woodgrain has become
undeniably kitschy and crafty, but the
Buche takes it way back.
I highly recommend making your own buche.
It is a jolly good time.
My sister and I would often make our own buche
growing up, and there were many laughs.

Of course Martha's buche is flawless.
Get the recipe here.
Making your own buche doesn't have to be
scary/overwhelming/gourmet either.
You can ease the buche into your kitchen by using regular
yellow cake mix( my sister and I would add lots of food die to
make a nice colored pin wheel of red or green)
and simply butter a flat 1" deep pan and pour about half of
the mix into the bottom of the pan. Cook for only about
10 minutes until the top is golden brown.
Carefully transfer the sheet of cake onto your counter,
ice the inside and roll. Don't get crazy if your buche breaks
while rolling, you can just smother it with icing.
Use small dollops of vanilla icing and top with a sprinkle
of cinnamon for some forest mushroom action.
Logs are always covered in mushrooms.
I will make some this weekend and share some buche
goodness later.

The buche can be very impressive at holiday parties.

Some AMAZINGLY festive non buche, simply log, pillows.
I love these! Buy them here.
[from my imaginary boyfriend]

Happy Log making!


  1. These logs are super cool -- I wish we had 10 of them to put in the fireplace all summer long.

  2. Amazing! I want to eat a log now.


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