Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A little (chilean) vintage

And I am almost done with Chile.
Some fun vintage and 'other' moments at
the Los Dominicos Handicraft Village...

Beautiful bird cages and a wide assortment of live poultry. mmm.

This store had a rainbow variety of anything in painted vintage tin...
long rows of different color butter dishes and my favorite..
the euro pitcher. Completely not useful, but so sweet and
available in the prettiest muted colors..

I heart vintage Santa and can spot him in any crowd
almost immediately.

These sweaters at the Yama store put the American Xmas
sweater to SHAME. We are talking entire city scapes
jacquarded into a 'sweater dress'.
These sweaters are full of national secrets that must be protected.

And, they were. By this crazy lady.
One last wall of Crin. I love you ladies of Rari!
If you missed my rant on crin, read here.

Wee little crin baskets to the most infinite
degree of delicateness!
Bb Chile! Hope I see you soon!


  1. LOOK at that wall of crin! siiiigh. and painted vintage tins?? my version of heaven.

  2. take the hand in the camera -- best moment on the trip!

  3. The tins are really great ---- I wish we could have bucked up for those --


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