Friday, December 18, 2009

The best.

Plainly and simply.
I think I will label this my #1 Christmas obsession..
The sweetest and most amazing Christmas video EVER.
Apparently, this has recently become available to buy
at Amazon, and can be delivered by Monday!?( I just bought 2)
Guess I can finally ditch my worbly VHS version. tear!

Anyway, please oh please do yourself the favor
of watching this movie..
so many good moments.. 'the santa position', 'the tourkeys'.
Watch the movie in 3 parts here..
Merry Christmas!!
You are welcome Jennifer.


  1. See. This is why I love you. Ziggy is my favorite!! Where has he been, I used to LIVE for his cartoon strip Saturday mornings. i am purchasing this immediately. and perhaps even reposting to my own blog.

  2. I have definitely been watching this movie on VHS since I was 5... with so much feedback! A true Xmas classic. YOu must share!!


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