Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Remember when I said that my goal for the year
was to be totally awesome and make something 
every day?
I was doing it. I was dominating life! And now, I am sick
and there is a pile of unfinished embroideries 
nagging me. I am dying to finish up these doilies and 
move on to a couple new projects. 
Here are some new and unfinished..

Monster doily. 
Seriously. Look at the back!
Another new doily with neon orange crochet edges. 
Yet another victim of the cold. 
But, there is some planting going on and that is exciting! 
These guys are sprouting up some new basil plants. 
My most exciting crop of the early plant? Beets. yum. 
Coincidentally, this is my favorite seed pack artwork. So much color!
Another thing slowing me down is work. Although, I nice array of
color chips does make me very happy. mmm, color. 
Let's cross our fingers that aggressive late night crafting will 
continue soon!!


  1. Wow, those doilies would really do my eyes in. Such intricacy. The home arts are truly under appreciated.Check out this site:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dinner_Party A celebration of women and what they have brought, literally, to the table.

  2. Jaim those doilies are so amazing!! all the crafts are looking very nice. make me something if you will :) miss you!

  3. Phoeb - I have been meaning to make you some cinnibread!!
    Currently in bed. But, when I get out!!


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