Wednesday, March 24, 2010

tah dah

I decided my blouse only needed one little ruffle. 
I tailored her to fit perfect at the strap line and I 
just don't want to cover it up with a bunch of ruffle..
plus, my aversion to over the top femininity may be 
at play here. 
Front is low and blouse-y, with a small ruffle. 
back is low with a Melange of Vintage 
granny buttons. 
Granny's button box also held a good amount of 
religious treasures and I have been staring and studying. 
love these guys.
Pinned this guy right onto my top. 
Side note : the 'Jegging' wearing is getting out of control over here. 
The Jegging, the hybrid of the jean and legging, 
is becoming my daily staple. It takes me about 10 minutes to 
get on and 20 to get off. 
Further, a picture of my feet is about all I will allow at 
this time. 
Although, Ava is not camera shy and has started demanding that 
I take her picture every time I have the camera out. 


  1. I like Ava's request. She rocks. The jegging frightens me- I don't think I'd ever be able to squeeze them on...

  2. Love the top, love the shoes, Ava is super cute, as always.

  3. the jeggings are awesome! the pilegros look so good -- I need to get more of those. The shirt you made is really cute too. luv

  4. jaim! put one on smalltime! I want to buy it

  5. first of all, ava is way too funny. that look is so coy!! she is going to be a serious heartbreaker. two, i got some jeggings last year and yes--my only problem is that they are so damn hard to get on. why is that?? and lastly, that shirt is amazing. I love love love the back especially. what detail. you are so talented, friend!! can i come work for you as a seamstress and we'll mass produce your creations and become wildly rich and famous? okay.


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