Friday, March 12, 2010


Our cascading succulent fountain is becoming a monster and it is so
rich with color. I am in love with the soft hues.. how they gradate 
from one color into the most unlikely color. 
I paired the colors with the  Thread Social summer line. 
They are on the same color wavelength. 
Some of the silhouettes are the same as Spring
(not that I am complaining)
 but the new color gives it seriously fresh new life.
um, orange. Always popular. Loving that frosty pinky color too.  
This Jumper is the best oldie but goody. Seersucker, which I personally
LOVE working with and a little edging splash of color. 
Some more succulent goodness for your viewing pleasure.

Why I am never alone in the garden... hello?
another oldie but goody. 
yay Spring!


  1. Love all of these pics. Particularly Ava, rabbits and succulents. The dresses are pretty amazing as well!

  2. succulents! bunnies! ava! pretty clothes! a little slice of heaven... :)

  3. I think making some of the retro doggie pillows will be your next calling....thank goodness spring is here and the succulents look fantastic as always. How's your latest craft coming? Dr. Seuss suares?


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