Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting girly.

So it occurs to me that lately the look of the week has been 
very dowdy and tee shirt oriented. And, it is making me kind of sad. 
So, I am attempting to refresh my wardrobe with some Guurly items. 
And, of course, I have decided that I will just make them myself. 
Despite realizing that I am a total tomboy, it all started when I 
Without the sash, it is the cutest sack, btw. I love a good sack, mostly
because I am a spindly giraffe. Anyway, I thought to myself about
this dress 1. that I could make it myself and 2. that the neckline, 
armhole could really be more current and flattering. 
So, I took my most girly new favorite fabric.. most recently seen
as the lining in this...
and made a more flattering little shell with a skinnier strap and 
and a nice drop neck/back armhole. 
So now I am kind of wondering where to go with the girly-ness.. 
two more tops from Anthro. I am liking that Asymmetrical 
ruffle on the body, how it puffs up dramatically. 
There will be buttons up the back and there is the matter of buttons. 
I pulled out some fun vintage Grandma buttons from Grandma's
old sewing case and I must say, I am really feeling the 
nautical. But, that is just the boy in me struggling to come up
to the surface. resist!
The blue button is pretty sweet it has a huge deep hole in the middle and 
the outside is shaped like a 70s fondue pot
The most disturbing part of this girly inspiration was that I am having this 
sick Lilly Pulitzer fixation on making a matching top for my daughter. 
yar. I will probably get too lazy, don't worry. 


  1. Jaimee you are seriously hilarious. e.g. "I have been thinking nautical- but thats just the tomboy in me trying to come out... Resist!" I laughed out loud- partly because I too love anything nautical. I miss you!! :)

  2. um the laugh out loud part was the spindly giraffe comment. you are gorgeous so you should shut up. but i get it. and i will add i WISH i could wear a good sack. girls like me need their waste lines. :)


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