Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a new year

A new trip to the fair. Fyi, I am  sappy and 
TERRIBLY nostalgic. This is why I love the fair
and anything that remotely reminds me of
old stuff. However, I must say that I am usually
protected by my own denial bubble while at the fair, 
choosing to see what I want to see... the cute animals, 
the plants and flowers, the 'crafts', the airbrush tent...
and this year, I was apparently not able
to block out the undesirable fair goers. 
This is the first year that I have seen the fair as 
anything but classy classy. 
When did I get so cynical? sad. 
 Anyway.. of course we revisited the photo booth. 
And, despite the man explaining to us that we had to 
stay as far away from the camera as possible,  
I succeeded in being extremely washed out
and close to the camera, DOMINATING every frame, 
and making really ugly faces. oops!

Of all the fair food, the turkey leg totally grossed me 
out this year. My beloved turkey leg!
I am obviously at some sort of life crossroads. 
Yeehaw still has the best fair paper goods. 
And I love this image...
Wouldn't you love a first place ribbon?
I would. I want a wall of ribbons like this. Does Mary 
Vican have a wall of ribbons?
and I decided this year that my jam/zuccs/pumpkins/
beets are definitely fair worthy.. next year. 
And, I have quasi decided that Ava will be putting the 
rabbits in the fair when she is old enough. Cruel? 
I don't care. 
You know what else I think of when I think of the fair?
40s dresses. AND gingham. 
Oh gingham again. I love you, gingham(right now).
If I could just get through Fall Holiday and move 
onto Spring, I can capitalize on my new found love of 
gingham before I hate it again. 
Too bad I am late for work. 
Ps, I am not in denial that we had house guests and an 
incredibly fun weekend, I am just really failing in the 
photo taking dept. 
But I am chatty. Very chatty. 


  1. Sorry you found the fair depressing! But I think having your rabbits there will bring it back up for you again?

  2. turkey leg at a fair?
    I can feel ya on the whole nostalgia thing. I go to our hometown fair every year since I was a baby and we are always so excited and then 10 minutes later we've seen everything and we dont want to go on rides and barf so we wander around aimlessly and get bored. then the next year comes around and we get excited again.
    there are always mini donuts, fried whole onions, corn on the cob smothered in butter...mmmmm.
    I'm sorry the fog has lifted and you didnt enjoy your... turkey leg...


  3. you know, i think i would have still be in love with the turkey leg had there not been some truly horrifying people eating them! ( it wasnt the people themselves, as much as the aggressiveness with which they were eating.) i personally am a fan of the outrageous, so i dont know why i am complaining. although, i think winning a few ribbons will certainly put me back in zee mood!! ha!

  4. I am impressed you were ever able to block out the undesirable at the fair. I have attention surplus disorder and can't help but take in every last inch of exposed skin that shouldn't be exposed. Welcome to my word, Quinn! And I seem to recall at least a few photos from the weekend. I can't believe I failed in this department as well. Boo!

  5. ha... of course I could! I think that crazy lady got my negativity ball rolling for the weekend! how unexpected!


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