Wednesday, August 18, 2010

trade show roundup!

hi all..
Currently,I am not feeling super personal. 
It's been a hard month!
But, I am super professional. 
I actually want to be super professional, but I have 
always been way too approachable. 
Luckily, I have very pro pics of our 
Split Girl swimwear from the ASR trade show. 
Currently, I am in Las Vegas at ISAM at Magic. 
So, take a peek!!
from the Yacht Rock group...
that's right. Yacht Rock
from the Big Canyon collection.. the best!
 and the nautical knots!
 and the cute racer back. 
 from the Cosmos group... the PAIGE top!!
** this is for you Paige!
 note all of the cute palm springs contemporary inspired prints...
Sorry everyone if I have been a totally email/blog/phone call
mia friend. But, man, I just need a break!
I'll be back soon!


  1. Wow, if that racerback is the same as the ruffle front, I AM IN LOVE. Although, honestly, they are all awesome. I've always like Split products, especially in high school when skater-cool was all the rage.
    I hope you have a good break and feel better soon!


  2. Very cute!!! When can I buy? I need new bathing suits. Badly.

  3. you are entitled to a break! just glad to know you're alive. and these suits are really to die over. D.I.E. I am reposting this immediately. canyon!! ruffles!! racerback! Where is PAIGE?? you named something after her!!! she should be here! jealous!

  4. hey thanks guys!!
    em - love that you know split. makes me so happy. and, girls, any suit is yours... after a nice recoup period i will start getting on that. free publicity!! I know I know, I am not dead. And, names are so funny. It is the worst part of the job and it seriously comes down to whatever is on your mind at that exact moment!! I kind of think I named something in my fall clothing line Tuesday!!
    I am starting to feel better. I just had the best bellini EVER at Encore in Vegas!! Perhaps next week I will make a comeback.

  5. hooray for self medicating!.. err, i mean bellinis! throw em back! veeegas!


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