Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bikini Bird

let's keep this pic small, shall we?
As I had mentioned before, my suit of choice is the 
fabulosity that is the Balboa top( the scrunch racerback)
in Solid Black. 
and by miracle I squeezed myself into a small top!
Yay T for featuring us on Bikini Bird!
Miss you!
Look for a Split Girl swim giveaway over at Bikini Bird


  1. Hot. I think the ruffles are very cute.

  2. OMG excited!!! I so badly want to win one of those. (your choice is also my choice!! wow so enthusiastic there huh? I blame the coffee)
    Ok so here's a true-ish story. I'm pretty sure it's accurate but I think some wine was involved and it was a month back so I can't guarantee anything.
    My sister went to Cali for work a lil while back (we live in/around Montreal,Quebec) and she went to the Split store (is this right? hopefully Im talking about the right brand lol) and then she had a friend visiting from Australia and I could have sworn that he was saying that the brand is huge over there. (don't quote me. wine, remember?) And all this stuff I had thought of you, cuz im a stalker that way. Now does all of this make any sense?
    Ive told you already Ive known split for years. You know I think I still have some Split clothing somewhere... I'll investigate.

  3. ha! i would love to see old split gear. i, myself, have one lone jacket that i loved. me and my friend both had it. twinsies.
    australia? hmm... may be rip curl? we did have an australian license then, but doubt it was big!!
    and, sigh, we do not have our own stores. but we need them!!
    a split from the past look of the day photo shoot may be in order(from you). ill post it!! hee.

  4. haha deal!
    ill go through my closet and see if I can find anything :)


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