Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Small sigh of relief... we received our swim fabrics on Saturday and 
woooooweee we will have samples sewn in time for the 
trade show on Friday. 
Since I have dragged you on this very slow and poorly documented 
journey... here are some of the prints and if I may say so, 
I am slightly happy with my ability to turn 5 dollar vintage
into an amazing swim collection. Yay to the yay!!
Can you say Winner winner?!!
Who didn't know that this print would be?
Between the print, the colors and the suit... dying over this one. 
And this desert scape and geo become...
these! Oh the cuteness. The right ethnic-y guy got in there too!! 
But, more on that later. 
who says a pair of man skivvies can't become a totally cute print?
not me, clearly??
and Aztec!
This guy got in there too.. 
I will show that group off later. 
So, the point of the story is small victories. 
Now, I am off to a petite surgery.. see you on the flip side!
ack! I am totally freaked out by being put under, 
but I will keep it all in check. 
And, we have two sickies in the house.. as this man comes
home from the doctor too... but, not until tomorrow. 
Let's bring the mood up here and listen to some 'spirit in the sky',
which is my all time jam, btw. Ha! Total brilliance. 
Let's get interactive. 


  1. Cant wait to see these in person on tuesday, so exciting!

    hope your surgery went swimmingly (hehe, i'm kinda funny). being put under is usually more frightening than the surgery itself, but im sure you did well!

  2. The prints look great!! Can't wait to see them :) And more importantly...hope you're feeling ok!

  3. Those prints are amazing. And I'm so happy that the surgery went smoothly!

  4. am especially in love with the aztec. calling you today. i want a full, blow by blow report.

  5. i'm hope you're doing okay...haven't talked much since a couple weeks ago...i know you have a lot going on. i think you're in SD this weekend?

    lovely fabrics. can't wait to see everything!!

    oh and don't forget...i still want to do a giveaway for split!

  6. saw the suits. I like them. Like the mix 'n match concept. Went to the Vans area at the show and a girl prevented me from looking at the Vans because she said it was by appointment only. I now hate Vans. Never make your suits by appointment only. It'll piss me off.


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