Friday, August 27, 2010


Behold = my new couch. Currently, there are two couches 
and two giant arm chairs in my tiny TV room. What to do. 
Here is my new etsy Alchemy request, people = 
Can someone paint a giant sized portrait of me, my couch
and my pet mr crabs? ha. Wouldn't that be dreamy. 
I do feel slightly warm about being able to pluck a piece of 
furniture off the street and make it sexy!
gratuitous kissing pic.
Happy Friday!


  1. Ah. Just what I needed. A kissing pic. Thank you! And the couch is dreamy enough as it is! No need for a painting!

  2. um adorable! But I think your cutie pie is looking at the camera from the corner of her eye. haha she looks like a mini diva.

  3. Oh! I think that couch turned out marvelously! Really beautiful! The old one was so comfy though. You should keep it- maybe store in the garage for hungover nap time? The new one is VERY amazing. As are you and Ava kissing.

  4. don't tease me!! ill commission you!!


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