Friday, August 27, 2010

fun on facebook

I think the ole FB is a little crazy, 
but I am willing to play if it will make our
business thrive!!
With that said... the brand Rocket Dog
has made a total transformation into cuteness
and we are doing a joint giveaway with 
them for a swimsuit, a pair of shoes and 
a pair of Raen optics sunglasses
(they are also cute cute.)
AND one of SODA by Amy's 
faboosh necklaces. 
I am thinking over 200$ of goodness!
Head over to Rocket Dog's FB page!
Well, and ours!
Apparently, all you have to do is 
tell your favorite story from this summer 
to win. 
I personally, cannot get my mind out 
of the gutter, but I am sure you can come 
up with something. 
I am thinking that adding a 
definitely secure your win. 
am I too cynical for giveaways? never. 

1 comment:

  1. I heart giveaways. Unfortch- I am a facebook holdout.


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