Friday, July 23, 2010

super duper

New swim images! We kind of jerry-rigged em together, 
or as my pea brain likes to say 'jimmy rig', 
but I think they have a fun vibe!
Notice, too, the incredible necklaces from 
SODA.. and do not fear, we will be doing a give 
away over at! Soon. Soon. 
Sorry to be a stranger! If it makes you feel better, my daughter told her
dad last night 'mommy never plays with me.' Sad! Better go do that.. 
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Cute stuff! Now go play with Ava! Xx

  2. jaimee! these look amazing!! great job. and i checked out the site,'s all coming together so nicely. :)

  3. yay! so glad you think so!! thanks!
    sorry to all for my blog mia-ness...
    love love!


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