Tuesday, July 13, 2010

always behind.

So my blogging days have slipped to Tuesday/Thursday.
I am failing you. But, it's ok. It will all be ok
because someday soon, at least I will have fun product coming 
in to show you. Right?
So, thoughts of the week are as follows...
I am noticing bloggers posting themselves in lacy tops 
thanks to the big lace push from Fall runway. 
from Marc by Marc Jacobs. 
But, of course, my mind desires this look 
on steroids.. say, with a crazy color and giant sleeves. 
And, wouldn't you know, I have just the top on my 
rack at work. Loves it!
Like I said... pictures of myself will be few and far between. 
Let's leave this to the professionals . 
My point is : fall will be lacy. 
Thought of the week two.. I have really produced some results in the 
garden as of late.... 
Mongo rainbow beets, which I made beet risotto with. 
my first brush with beet risotto was here...
the beet risotto from the House of Morande winery in Chile...
that IS filet mignon on top. Dreams. Sweet dreams. 
And, my pumpkin crop is preparing itself nicely for the Halloween holiday. 
In other news...
the child is now a horseback rider. 
who can clean horses with this brush. 
and mount the horse. 
and  after lessons...
hanging with her best friend! (with matching band aids)
And I did get one straight on modely photo...
I guess not much as changed since the last one 2 years ago..
Well, besides the hair and the 'tude. 
Have a good week! I will be back before to long. 


  1. AMAZING post. Love the 2 years difference in Ava photos. Your green thumb kills me. That beet risotto looks scrumptious. Lucy just tried beets the other day. She wasn't wild about them but I have high hopes for a more mature palate soon...

  2. lace!!! gimmie gimmie. love it. um...will and i are available anytime you want us to drive down and be your beet test subjects. wink wink. will eats just about anything and i'm...fun to hang out with? ha! ava's riding horses now, eh? that's awesome. and i love the "model" shot. good one!

  3. Ahhhh she is so adorable. those big blue eyes!!
    Pictures of you should be many and close together if you ask me :)


  4. Lucy is such a cutie, Ame! I just love that photo of her staring totally dead pan into the camera.
    I caught you wearing lace last week, Paige, and I liked it... a lot(clearly).
    You are more than invited to be a beet test subject... !!
    Thanks Emily!! I swear in time I will be able to post pics of myself!
    Love yours!


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