Thursday, July 8, 2010

bringing it back.

has anyone noticed what the top has become?
I just feel like shirt separates have morphed into the invisible
layers of totally cute jacket/skirt/pant based outfits. 
No one is talking about cute shirts, people!
Shirts are solids for layering or tunics for comfort. How will I 
bring tops back into the limelight?
This is one of those moments where I remind myself that my 
tops are whatever I want them to be and 
whatever whimsey I choose to inflict on poor bystanders. 
So, I say yes to oversized, dolman sleeved, 
printed and embossed silk masterpieces. 
who is with me?
So off I go onto a short voyage. 
with help from the shirt wall and the shirt rack, of course. 
And, I must applaud anyone who puts a picture of 
themselves on their blog because as of late, 
I cannot bring myself to do it. 
Perhaps it is a slow hump that one must get over. 
I am not sure. Thoughts?


  1. Laimme, I applaud your case for the top. Although I love all of the dolman sleeves, box tees, and oversized-ness out there...there is a lack of print and vibrant color. Perhaps the military trend is truly taking over this time around...

  2. I need new clothes. Badly. I am hesitant to put pics of me up on the blog these days too... mainly because mommy boobs are mildly inappropriate, and the dark circles under my eyes are frightening. And I need new clothes. Frump fest over here...


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