Thursday, July 1, 2010


This jacket! Such a cute one. 
buy it from Paige!
And, check out Paige's blog... she started out a little on
the shy side and has morphed into a complete
supermodel! Giving this 30 year old hope. hee. 
And, I am still in love with this
I am really needing more jackets, apparently, because I am starting
to get a serious amount of shi* for wearing this Guatemalan 
beauty close to every day. 

purchased from ramona west
The jacket has totally taken over the scarf's duty
of chief ridicule receiver... ridicule example 
courtesy of Yessi!! hee. 
So, I may be wearing a new jacket today - my mom's old 
seventies levi's ( and a really cute green vintage skirt!)
but, I need one of my staples. Sorry bout it, but the waitress
from the Claim Jumper Sunday night liked it. a lot. So, that 
compliment will take me at least into the next decade. ha!


  1. haaaaaaa. the scarfie is a signature item and shant ne'er be replaced!!!!!!!!!! haaaaa


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