Wednesday, July 28, 2010

me likey

howdy.. back from another whirlwind commute up to 
SF for some family time. 
So, I know I have given this shirt some praise before. But, you know..
love this shirt and its accordion pleats. 
Did you know my mom played accordion as a kid? fun fact. 
Accordions are hokey, which we all know I love, and 
too, describe all kinds of folded goodness. 
Some accordion images for you. 
Me and my shirt.. and a smile.
Creepy NY accordion player, who according to a friend, 
hoofed it all the way to Central Park from Brooklyn. 
Some fantastic accordion pleated skirts..

Sigh, not a single accordion collar to be found. 
You are my main squeeze. 
Other accordion!
We had an accordion book for our wedding party and 
It really was fantastic. Something so cool about
opening up the book to one long panorama. 
The best.
And there is nothing classier than a vintage broach. Hee
Here's to starting the week on Wednesday!


  1. Accordions=Myron Floren, the master who unfortunately died in 2005. I didn't realize that until I just looked him up. Imagine being able to concentrate on playing the accordion while fighting off copious amounts of champagne bubbles.


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