Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Back from NY and slightly discombobulated. 
Photo shoot day... So, I'll hit some quickie highlights. 
Stayed at the Ace hotel... glorious. 
Pretty much totally failed at picture taking. 
But, did take this in the lobby. 
Outside the Agenda trade show at the 
Comme des Garcons shop. Or, pod, if 
you'd rather. Saw this in person and it 
was delightful. 
Wanna hear something sad? I just looked through all of the pictures
of this day and realized that my sneaky husband stickered
the back of my shirt and photographed it over and over again. 
Cruelty! And here I thought I had a small chance at cool. 
The weather was seriously balmy. My hair almost had body!
I said almost. 
lamiskins doing a little vintage shopping at 
Rabbits in Brooklyn, which I love. 
I did fancy the best pair of shiny cropped tuxedo 
pants there that was amazing. However, 
what was also amazing, is that it took my honestly 
four or so minutes to shimmy them on, one
buttock at a time. 
Good thing I stopped myself. Or was it. 
They were so hot. 
More vintage pics of *purchases later.
Dinner in little Italy. 

I took this shot over my shoulder.. 
These guys were slightly too authentic for 
comforts sake. 
Other highlights included seeing not one but TWO top chef 
super stars.. super snarky critic James Oseland
and Jonathan Waxman! yes!
K.. back later with some more. 


  1. Love your NYC photos, wish I was there shopping and eating too!


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