Tuesday, July 6, 2010

and how

I love the color red today
how cute is this double gingham. 
Why is gingham so cute at times and so awful at others. 
Right now, it is cute and i love it. 
(from Ramona West.)
And I don't know if its a surge of women hormones or what, 
but I bought ANOTHER calico floral dress today. 
The last one I bought had HUGE sleeves like this :
these sleeves and this plaid are just lovely. 
and I still have a vintage finding obsession with phones and 
vintage record players. Any ideas?
And now, Paige, to answer your question. 
I usually laugh off these answer the question and pass on to your friends, 
but I so cannot live with myself if I even let one person down. 
So, in ten years I will be forty years old, which seems crazy. 
I already, since turning thirty this year, have extreme paranoia about my 
safety and mortality.. so, I am sure I will continue on that track to the 
point of unbearable! ha. 
My main desire, though, is to be happy with myself and satisfied with my life
and the choices that I made in the last ten years. 
Of course, I desire to be WILDLY successful, it would be fabulous if we
could make this business take off and that success led to many fun 
travels. I undoubtedly will have collected many things by that point, 
and the thought of that makes me happy. 
Is that a decisive enough answer? 
I did do absolutely nothing over the weekend, which I am terrible at. 
Though, I did re-read the fountain head for my tenth or so time, 
and now I am lost in a moment of life crisis.. ha. 
Just kidding. Although, to be so glamorous and idealistic. hmm. 
Anyway.. I am not sure I can bring myself to directly call anyone 
out to name what they will be doing in ten years. 
So, I hope the ten friends of mine who have blogs (you know who you are)..
do it!
Have a good week!


  1. oh no. my ears are burning. i might have to get back to you on that one.

    in other news, the fountainhead is in my possession and i will begin reading momentarily. maybe when i'm done i'll fulfill your request! maybe.

  2. I love Fountainhead but think Atlas Shrugged is the better of the two. 10 years from now? Dear lord. I hope Ben and I are still wildly in love, I have 3 more babies half as cool as Lucy and 3 more dogs half as cool as Charles and Jackson, have written a scintillating novel, a tasty cookbook and a popular children's series, and have started an animal rescue with my massive amounts of royalties. And I won't look a day over 30.

  3. You absolutely will not look a day over thirty! that skin! jealous.
    You will so have done all of those things! nice work!

  4. and Joce, when are you writing yours.


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