Thursday, July 1, 2010

are you

this hot?

If you wear a S swim top and S swim bottom... I need you!
I am looking for a hot small to be my fit model 
for Magic in Vegas mid August!
Tell your friends!!
If you are my small... send me a message!


  1. dang having babies!! i wanna be your hot model!! i am WAY hotter than that bitch!

  2. Unfortunately I couldn't wiggle myself into a small of either! Ha :) my lively cousin, Samantha, is though. She is a junior in HS, beautiful, tall, thin, brown hair. She would love to do it I'm sure!! Is very into fashion, etc.

  3. me me mee! i need to come see you guys soon/ call you. my grandma i have been busy :(
    miss you all

  4. i'm bootcamping and running my ass off (literally) because i want to be your girl... ;)


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