Friday, July 16, 2010

terrible person.

I really need to explain something to the world. 
You may think me a terrible person? Why, you ask?
Well, because I am NOT a dog person. 
Of course, I am not talking to you. 
I love your dog. Your dog is different. 
All those times your dog knocked over my child, ate one of her
toys, ran off with a dirty diaper when I was doing a diaper change and
yes, farted on me with his stinky fish farts( ha - you know who you are..), 
scratched me with his nails or put his butt in my face, 
I said to myself 'aww' and thought about rainbows and 
I am not soulless : I really want to love your dog. 
I will positively reply to your pictures and pet and care about
him when I see him. But, the gig is up and I think it's time you know. 

Although, here is the part where I am actually blameless, as I 
show you my childhood dog, bipolar and purchased from 
a shopping mall. I remember only the inside of his mouth, 
and several instances where I begged 'please Fluffy' while
he repeatedly bit my butt in the hall corner. 
My sister is the big kid, and I, naturally, am the small crazy who 
looks a whole lot like my daughter. 
Forgive me for my movie pirating. 
Happy Weekend and a little Monsters of Folk for you. 

RIP fluffy from jaimee brant on Vimeo.


  1. When you say you don't like dogs... I'm assuming Charlie and Jack are exceptions to this ridiculous sentiment?

  2. ha! I feel the same way... well, except Mister Beau P. Jangles. United in non-dog-personage. xo

  3. Ame, did you watch the video? 'Fluffy' is strikingly similar to Jackson.

  4. And L dawg, I knew I liked you.


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