Friday, April 1, 2011

why not

blog today. 
I am going to come out this blog hiatus because today 
is April first. 
Seeing that I am the worst liar on the planet, 
I will not be pulling any pranks. 
Instead, I will say happy happy birthday to my man Ringo, 
who is 12 today!!
I hear 12 human years is 87 years to a rabbit. 
Too, it is clearly spring. 
Today I am wearing the ultra cute Midi short 
from the Split Holiday 11 collection in Navy. 
Slightly similar to these, but shiny!
Anyway, these shorts remind me of someone who I miss. 
Happy Friday!
I will surely start to be storming about Easter. 
As an old rabbit lady, I will not be gone long. 


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