Monday, April 11, 2011

when all else fails

when times are tough.. 
there is always the sight of a small person 
running 200 yards toward a creepy bunny and 
eventually jumping into his embrace. 
 And, the spring 'concert' happened this weekend. 
Check out the moves..
Look at this group. My kid is a shining star.  
Getting personal on this monday to 
cure my mondays. 
Have a good week!!


  1. HA! Ava is such a star...totally beats out the one yawning to the left. Love her!! wish I could've witnessed the creepy bunny incident. shoot

  2. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! ADORABLE. Can i move in and be her bff? kids like me. i think it's cuz im short and they think i'm their age.
    I'm makng a split blog post for you sooon... im brainstorming.

  3. miss you friend. haven't heard from you in awhile...we must catch up, no?
    and ps. i said i was done blogging, but...i've been blogging. so sue me...i'm crazy like that. can't make up my mind, i suppose.

  4. haaaaa. the bunz photos are always the best.
    jackie hated him this year...hoping things go better with santa?! xoxoxo

  5. Meg.. you must come to the next recital. Ava would love it.
    Em and Paige!! Miss you girls too. Perhaps I can pull myself out
    of invisibility phase. Yes to blog posts! Paige, I owe you mucho
    apparel! I'm emailing you now.
    Hi Phoeb and Yessi. Yessi, see you in July!

  6. I swear I already commented on this but apparently did not. Way too freaking cute for words. She is so big!


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