Tuesday, April 12, 2011

army jackets

Army jackets by Split circa 2011 and 2001. 
What a difference ten years makes.. 
we have transitioned from short green jackets 
with giant buttons quite nicely. 
Get the EMIL jacket from Split girl 
come Holiday 11. 
Although, tread lightly.. because my 
green friend 
here is my lone wolf Split item from 
the 2000s and I cherish it!
PS I am shooting swim this week to put 
up on our ecommerce site and you will be 
able to buy direct!! woot. 
Tell your friends. 


  1. I'm gonna add a Y to the end of that name and pretend it was named after me ;)
    And it looks REALLY nice from that iphone pic :P

  2. i know i'm lazy. i promise. xo!

  3. Perhaps you should redesign the military's apparel.


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