Friday, October 22, 2010


Sigh followed by sigh.  It's been another banner week. 
Lately, our lives have been plagued by bad news. It is 
seriously and amazingly too much!!
But, it must get better from here. 
Really, the only way to handle this situation is to 
get the winners out of the closet and throw them on. 
Yesterday, said winner was the old batwing romper. 
Don't be jealous. 
 It even has bling!
look closely. 
The second winner, which is currently hindering my 
ability to breathe, is these. 
and my new furry ankle booties. 
these really do make you feel like celebrating. 
 even Ava knows what's up (and how to pose). 
she is styling out one of Mommy's sassy
eighties dresses. 
 and when outfits fail, there are always good vibes
happening on the weekend...
Have a good one!


  1. I love those shorts that hinder your breathing.
    those last 3 pictures are so adorable.
    p.s. stop sleeping.

  2. Thanks guys! Em, i obviously need MORE sleep.. look at me!
    love you guys!


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