Thursday, October 7, 2010

notes from my desk

Sorry internet lovers.. but, life has been calling and the old blog is officially on the back burner.
Ava P has started school and about 5 hours of each day is devoted to preventing potty accidents. 
Luckily, Darth Vader  is apparently the patron saint of poopies, because Ava would 
do anything for him. 
and, of course I am cat keeper for 2 more days. I think I'm gonna miss em!
 I do promise to come back in full effect someday. I have been looking at the
stay at home mom blogs and this picture is looking better everyday. 
In the meantime, I am here, designing Holiday and I am ready to share. 
I love cropped trenches and I love dropped batwing armholes... and so, I love this. 
 Sending out some swim goodie packs!! You know who you are!
But, really, they are for the models and some WINNERS. So, don't get angry. You'll get yours(eventually).
 Some winter vintage inspiration...
 and lacey laces!
 and how scrumptious is this maxi. It is as soft as butter, yet fall heavy. yummm.
(I am not really wearing it - just tricking your eyeballs). 

  Hope life is beautiful! I have given a few permissions for a few more contests. So, let's hope those bad boys happen soon. 


  1. I love the shirt you're wearing with the kittens! glad to have you back, busy bee!

  2. I see my bikiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)
    LOVE lacey laces, can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Sorry you're so busy but love the blog updates whenever we can get them!


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