Monday, May 2, 2011

wee little things

Who here does not have a fascination with little things?
I could just stare at them. Tell them how cute they are. 
Anyway, let's consider this weekend planting 
project a visualization of my future. 
In my future, I am living in my 
 my quiet meadow/garden. 
Or, on a cloud. I'll take either. 
wee little bird bath..
 the smallest carnations. yum-o
petit glass cloche...
 wee garden one!
 wee garden two!
wee trees in a wee meadow. 
Ok, im annoying myself. I'll stop. 
Although, my encouragement to participate in 
plant related projects will not stop. 


  1. Pretty! Lucy makes gardening hard. She smashed my pot of sage to bits and today dug up all my thyme.

  2. So flippin cute! I love love little things. Who doesn't?! That's why my fascination for micro machines back in the day was a no brainer. Is there something miniature planted in the miniature clay pots?


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