Friday, February 25, 2011

you have a sub today

Hello class, my name is Miss Lujo. Jaimee is out today—crafting or designing or doing some other crap that’s better than blogging.  So today you have me.  I like crafts and fashion and bunny rabbits, but I like music the most.  You like music, too, don’t you class?

Our lesson today is on A Lull.  They are a band that makes music.  Can you say “A Lull”?  Say it out loud with me.  Good!  Now say it backwards.  Excellent!  Now say it frontwards and backwards while tapping your head and rubbing your belly. 


Today we’re going to watch a video from A Lull. 

Please press play.


Did you finish watching?  How do you feel?  Do you feel soft and furry like a bunny or do you feel like your mom forgot to pick you up after school?  Maybe this song makes you feel like throwing on a pair of neon shorts and going for a swim in the Pacific.

Music affects people in unique ways and no matter how you feel, it's okay. Open yourself to its endless possibilities. Feel it in your core.

Now class, here is your homework assignment.  Leave a comment telling me, Miss Lujo, and Jaimee how this video made you feel.  Whoever gives the best description gets a gold star next to their name and a free digital download of A Lull’s album, Confetti.

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